Interesting Ideas for October 2021

Welcome to the Friendship edition of Interesting Ideas!

As Covid case numbers continue to decline (at least where I live in Ontario), and restrictions are removed; many of us are deciding how much (or little) we want to re-enter our pre-pandemic social lives.  This may involve questions around reconnecting with relationships that we let go of when lockdowns started.

The following three articles speak to this issue in various ways.

The first article, from the Washington Post, explores the writer’s decision to continue to maintain the small friend group that evolved over the pandemic.  Warning:  there is a lot of advertising on site…however, the article is worth maneuvering around them.

One aspect of being in relationships is knowing which ones are healthy and which ones deserve a pass.  This Well and Good article explores the qualities of healthy relationships, even as they change.

Finally, this article from the Guardian describes an unusual friendship that developed during the early lockdowns and what the writer learned from it.

And…our friendships don’t only happen between humans!  Enjoy…take care…and stay safe!


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