Blaikie Psychotherapy is Going Online!

Image of calendar introducing online therapy optionsIt’s almost the end of May, and as this pandemic rages on, many businesses have had to make decisions about how to meet clients’ needs as the world moved from ‘life as usual’, including moving online. Blaikie Psychotherapy is no exception. Since March 15, 2020, I have been providing client sessions by phone, while hoping that we would be meeting in-person before too long.

With the Ontario government’s May 14, 2020 announcement that psychotherapists could begin to provide in-person sessions with clients (assuming that proper safety precautions in place), I thought perhaps the time was coming. However, in an email sent to members the next day, the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) stated that:

“Given that the risk of infection continues to exist, in cases where you have the option of providing e-therapy or in-person therapy, we advise that you still choose e-therapy. If you choose to provide in-person care, you should be clear as to why you have made this decision. Consideration should be given to the inherent risks given the client, your modality of practice and your ability to ensure the use of best practices for preventing and spreading COVID-19.”

We’re Going On-Line!

Cartoon image of online video chatBased on CRPO’s recommendation about returning to in-person sessions, I have decided to provide online client sessions beginning June 1, 2020. This service will be provided through the OnCall Health platform. On Call Health is very secure with the use of encryption and servers located in Canada. You can find more information about OnCall Health here. I will continue to provide telephone sessions for those of you who prefer that format.

I hope that we are able to meet in-person in the not too distant future. In the meantime, I’m getting my office ready for us to meet safely by putting new procedures in place, rearranging seating and looking into Plexiglas screens. My goal is that in-person therapy post-pandemic will be as safe as possible while creating the type of therapeutic relationships that were possible beforehand sanitizer and face masks.

So, let’s continue to wash our hands, wear our masks, practice physical distancing and be kind…And now, something to brighten your day…Enjoy!


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