Interesting Ideas for August 2021

Labour Day (in Canada) is fast approaching–with hopefully the end to any more heatwaves!  As we come to the official end of Summer 2021, here are some articles that I found to be worth a read…Enjoy!

The Difficult Questions About Vaccine Status

Every stage of the pandemic has asked that we change and/or learn new skills.  In the beginning, some of us had to become more tech-savvy (remember early struggles with Zoom and Instacart?).  Through trial and error, we’ve negotiated how, or even if, to send our kids to school.  Relationships have been altered–some for better and some for worse.  We’ve had to cope with it all.

Now as more of us are vaccinated, we are being asked to navigate the new world of “vaccine status”.  This Washington Post article provides etiquette and sensible advice about many current situations that many of us will encounter as time goes on.

Unfortunately, Some Things Didn’t Go Away

Covid-19 has taken up so much of our mind space since it began.  At the same time, it didn’t chase away other difficult things.  The pandemic overlaid all of our experiences–including Cancer.

Caitlin Flanagan, a staff writer at The Atlantic, looks back on her experience with breast cancer and the “helpful?” advice that she was given along the way.  I appreciate how her article shines a light on some of the cultural misconceptions we share about battling cancer and how they can affect cancer patients.

A “Sheepish” Tribute

There are many ways to honour our loved ones who have died.  This Australian sheep farmer did so in a very unique way.  Please check out this heartwarming story and video from the BBC.





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