Interesting Ideas for September 2021

Welcome to the end of September!  For many of us, September feels like the beginning of a new year (with return to school, routines and ramped up schedules) more than January 1 ever does.

In this time of Covid, previous September routines have been complicated with concerns about case numbers and the latest safety precautions.  And, I find that I briefly forget about this new type of September when I look outside.  The trees changing colour, with the wind blowing the ‘early turners’ across the road.  I grab my favourite  sweater when leaving the house in the morning–one that hasn’t been worn since May.   Neighbourhood kids are laughing as they wait for the school bus.  When we are dealing with difficult things in life, it’s the small moments that help to get through them.

Here’s some interesting ideas for September.  I hope that you find them to be as helpful and interesting as I did.

Boundaries–We all Need Them

Understanding and setting boundaries can be two of the most confusing and difficult skills that we learn as humans.  What they are, how we set them and enforce them; changes based on circumstance, relationship and personality.  If we have grown up in a family where boundaries were absent, this practice becomes even more challenging.

This article in The Guardian speaks to the power of saying no, as a way to build strong boundaries.  I especially appreciate that the author talks about the obstacles to setting boundaries in a variety of settings–including at work.

If you would like more information about boundaries, you can check out my February 2018 blog post.

A Conversation No Parent Wants to Have

A cancer diagnosis is terrifying enough…and then there are the follow-up actions that are needed–such as how or if we tell our children.  This Atlantic article by Caitlin Flanagan is a continuation of her article that was included in the Interesting Ideas for August 2021 post.  Both articles, written from the position of 20 years after her diagnosis, provide key information to people (and their loved ones) going through cancer now.  Her thoughts are timeless.

More About Walking

And finally, in the Interesting Ideas post for July 2021, I included this Guardian article that told the poignant story of one woman’s 150-mile walking journey along the Thames River from London to Oxford to visit her brother’s grave and the realizations that she had along the way.

Now, here’s an Atlantic article about a family’s hike of the  Camino de Santiago in Spain.  The author talks about the history of this pilgrimage, it’s place in popular culture and what he learned during the 100 mile trek.   As a bonus, the author makes reference to Greg McKeown’s book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.  I love this book!

If you would like to read another account of hiking the Camino, I recommend Jane Christmas’ book What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim.

Enjoy…take care…and stay safe!



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